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Birds and a Train in Pemberton

Our stay in Pemberton included visits from some lovely parrots looking for a handout.  These are Twenty-Eight Parrots, so named for their call that sounds like they are saying ‘twenty-eight’.  I think they are also known as Ringnecks.  The kids had a wonderful time feeding them when they showed up one afternoon. TurboBug (2.5) surprised me by remaining calm and even smiling for the camera.  Past experiences with birds landing on him have not gone so well!  The next morning … Read More

A Happy Surprise: Baby Kangaroo Joeys in Pemberton!

The day we arrived in Pemberton we stopped into the visitor centre for some information.  We were so surprised to find a room full of kangaroo joeys all curled up in baskets. A woman had been bottle feeding them, had worked her way through all but one so they’d all just had a nice feed and were very content to lounge in their comfy baskets.  There were some leaves around to feed them but they weren’t real keen since they’d … Read More

Our Australia Day in Margaret River

Several weeks ago I got some lovely Aussie temporary tattoos for the kids in anticipation of Australia Day.  I hid them away so they’d be a surprise.  Nearly a week past the holiday we still haven’t found them.  They’re in the van somewhere, they’ll show up eventually and we’ll have a nice surprise.  The day before the holiday I grabbed some of the yellow & green ones that were on sale so we survived.  (Yes, survived.  How do you survive … Read More

The Perth Zoo, part one

For Christmas we got ourselves a membership to the Melbourne Zoo, which gives us a reciprocal membership to several zoos around the country, including the Perth Zoo.  It was definitely summer while we were in Perth so we checked the weather forecast and chose the coolest day to head to the zoo.  It was still quite warm and we were so glad we hadn’t chosen an even hotter day.  The zoo is located very much in the middle of the … Read More

Sunset at Cable Beach

Cable Beach is one of those famous beaches in Australia.  White sand for ages, warm water…it’s too perfect. We hadn’t been to the beach in ages.  We’d had a nice sunset in Darwin, but no beach play because, well, it was Darwin.  Croc country.  So we hadn’t had a proper beach day since…somewhere on the east coast.  Months. (Do you feel sorry for us yet?) Our first visit to Cable Beach had little TurboBug (2) sooooo excited.  There are steps … Read More

Kununurra: Crocs & a Jabiru

Our first stop in Western Australia was Kununurra, just over the border.  We stayed at a caravan park right on Lake Kununurra which offered some lovely sunsets and wildlife spotting.   It didn’t take long to spot our first crocodile gliding by in the water. There was a platform nearby that the kids made use of.  I suppose it was a stage.  The boys all took turns pushing each other off of it.  TurboBug (2) even participated, though he’d often … Read More

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