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Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, part two

Part one is here. The gardens are right next to the Tasman Bridge.  I was hoping for a glimpse of the bridge to get a good picture but the gardens aren’t really set up for that view.  We did manage to find a spot with a bit of a view, over the fence and between the trees. The gardens are broken into several different main areas, with many paths and a different feel to each area. I wish I could … Read More

Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

I love how they get to put ‘royal’ in front of things here.  It makes it sound very official, like it’s received a special distinction.  I don’t know if the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens ever have received any kind of special award, but they sure deserve it.  They are magnificent!  The gardens were founded in 1818, which means they have some awesome mature trees.  This one is the biggest in the park, a Wellingtonia or Big Tree native to California.  … Read More