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The Perth Zoo, part two

Part one is here.  I have no idea what this little guy was but he was the cutest thing.  We nicknamed him the Lorax, we can’t be the only ones to come up with that name. Then we found the lemurs and we spent forever watching them.  There was a young one who was very playful and he kept picking on his older sibling (it looked to small to be dad) while mum looked on.  They played and wrestled and … Read More

The Perth Zoo, part one

For Christmas we got ourselves a membership to the Melbourne Zoo, which gives us a reciprocal membership to several zoos around the country, including the Perth Zoo.  It was definitely summer while we were in Perth so we checked the weather forecast and chose the coolest day to head to the zoo.  It was still quite warm and we were so glad we hadn’t chosen an even hotter day.  The zoo is located very much in the middle of the … Read More

The Camel Farm at Yulara

When you visit Uluru there are all sorts of tours you can do, one of them is by camel.  It was way too expensive for us to be able to do as a family, but we dropped into the camel farm to have a look at the camels the morning we left for Alice Springs.  I’ve heard there are feral camels in some places of Australia, we may have seen some on our way to Longreach as there was a … Read More

Billabong Sanctuary, Day Two

DAY TWO!  Day one is here, here, and here.  This is the last one, I promise! So….we liked our day at the Billabong Sanctuary so much that we opted to come back the next day.  You can get your ticket stamped before you leave to visit the next day for free.  We came back the next afternoon to see some of our favourite things.  We headed back over to see the cassowary and got a good look at these black … Read More

Billabong Sanctuary, part 3

Here’s part one and part two.  I wish I could remember the details about this (stuffed? preserved?) croc.  (Bad tourist!  Always take a picture of the sign!)  This was a real crocodile that had lived at the Billabong Sanctuary (I think) and he’s huge.  We were careful not to touch him (as requested on the sign I forgot to take a picture of).  I was surprised he was out where he could potentially be mishandled but he’s been around awhile … Read More

Billabong Sanctuary, part 2

Part one is here! We were so happily feeding the roos and ducks that we missed the wombat talk.  We got there just at the end, just in time to get to give one a pat.  This is Tonka.  He was rescued from his mother’s pouch and has grown up at the Billabong Sanctuary.  Tonka loves to greet his adoring public each day.  (The woman holding Tonka was a volunteer, she told me she was doing an internship for her … Read More

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