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Some Big Things and a Toffee Factory: Denmark, WA

On our way to Denmark, WA we passed this huge blue marron at the side of the road.  A Big Thing that we needed to see!  During our stay in Denmark we made a trip to Walpole and made sure to stop on the way back for a closer inspection.  It’s such a beautiful blue, as is the real thing!  The Big Marron is located outside of Old Kent River Wines and although we didn’t stop in I’ve read lovely … Read More

A Tour of the Perth Mint

We had been looking forward to the Perth Mint for a long time, ever since our visit to the Canberra Mint back in May.  So it became the first tourist attraction we visited in Perth and we decided we’d take the train to get there.  We weren’t sure what parking would be available and we have a toddler who really, really wanted to ride the train.  In Perth the train track runs down the centre of the freeway and he … Read More

The Lobster Shack in Cervantes

Our last stop before Perth was Cervantes.  We had a few nights there before heading to Perth for the holidays.  Cervantes is a small town right on the coast, a couple of hours north of Perth.  There was a lovely playground just outside the caravan park.  Once school was out for the year quite a few families started showing up which was an odd feeling for us.  Most of the families we’ve seen in WA have been travelling down the … Read More