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Vivid Sydney!

We happened to be in Sydney when the Vivid festival started this year.  We hadn’t planned it, but I am so glad we were there for it!  Vivid is unique to Sydney and it’s just spectacular. There are several aspects to Vivid.  We came into the city one evening to view the light installations.  Since it’s winter it gets dark before six, so we came into the city early.  Even with that, it was a very late night for us.  … Read More

Cockatoo Island

We needed an excuse to ride the ferry.  Okay, not really, but having a destination is a good idea rather than randomly riding the ferries around with kids.  So Cockatoo Island it was!  Being on the water gives you such a good view of the bridge and the opera house. There’s a sticker or something on JitterBug’s forehead.  It isn’t your computer screen! Hey, look, we were inside that pylon!  We walked across that bridge!  If you zoom out on … Read More

SYdney: Climbing the Bridge

Okay, we didn’t really get to do the bridge climb.  For the official climb you have to be at least 10 years old, which is only half of us.  Plus, it’s pricey.  I hope all the kids will do it one day, and Sean and I would love to also, so hopefully we’ll all get the chance on some future trip. Instead we climbed to the Pylon Lookout, which was the perfect way for us to experience the Sydney Harbour … Read More

Catching the Ferry to Bruny Island

Our next stop after exploring Hobart was Bruny Island.  We were all looking really forward to this.  Before staying in Snug we had spent a couple of nights in Triabunna with the intention of visiting Maria Island.  (Which is pronounced muh-RYE-uh.  Because we are in Australia and they like to do their own thing when it comes to pronunciation.)  When we got there we decided it was just not in our budget, it cost too much for a day-trip for … Read More

Port Arthur, part one

During our stay on the Tasman Peninsula we visited Port Arthur, a must-see for Australian history.  It was fascinating. We went through the exhibition which teaches you about the lives of some of the convicts.  We were each given a playing card which matched up to a convict’s name.  You could read about their crimes and the work they did at the prison.  The exhibits gave a look at various tools and such.  It was very well done.  Unfortunately it … Read More

Off to Tassie on the Spirit of Tasmania!

Since our travels started the end of November we have mainly been in Victoria.  We had a brief jaunt over the border into South Australia in December.  Mostly we’ve been hanging around Victoria since we knew we’d be off to Tasmania before long.  It’s the only thing scheduled in our entire trip around Australia, the only thing we have set dates for.  We were so excited to finally be on our way!  We chose a night sail which left at … Read More