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Cape Bruny Lighthouse, Tasmania

  Last year when we visited Bruny Island we made sure to visit South Bruny National Park to see the Cape Bruny Lighthouse.  When we visited it was cold and windy.  There was a lighthouse museum so I opted to stay there out of the cold while Dad braved the path for a better look. When the lighthouse was first lit in 1838 it was Australia’s fourth lighthouse.  It’s now the country’s second oldest lighthouse according to the Parks & … Read More

A Tour of the Perth Mint

We had been looking forward to the Perth Mint for a long time, ever since our visit to the Canberra Mint back in May.  So it became the first tourist attraction we visited in Perth and we decided we’d take the train to get there.  We weren’t sure what parking would be available and we have a toddler who really, really wanted to ride the train.  In Perth the train track runs down the centre of the freeway and he … Read More

Fannie Bay Gaol in Darwin

I found this old post from Darwin that I guess I hadn’t finished… I can’t remember how we heard about the Fannie Bay Gaol while we were in Darwin, but we decided it would be good to go have a look.  Entry is by donation so it’s an affordable family attraction.  We thought it would be good for the kids to go inside the prison cells and learn a little about prison life.  This is probably one of those places … Read More

A Few Stops Around Kununurra

Have I mentioned the boab trees lately?  They are everywhere across northern WA.  Some of them are huge!  The caravan park we stayed at in Kununurra had a large one that was estimated to be 2,000 years old!  It’s so interesting to see them as we are driving along, the young ones are much harder to pick out because they are so skinny.  They all seem to be in different stages of bloom, some have leaves, some have huge seeds … Read More

Adelaide River War Cemetery

Somewhere I read that the war cemetery in Adelaide River is Australia’s only war cemetery.  I’m not sure if that’s accurate, it’s certainly not the only place that military are buried but maybe it’s the only one dedicated solely to the military?  Whether it is the only one or not, we knew this was one to visit.  The town’s population swelled after the initial bombing in Darwin during WWII as people fled the coast and many of the injured were … Read More

Defence of Darwin Experience

Okay, this roadsign says wallabies but I think they got the silhouette all wrong. :)  This was in Darwin, on the way to East Point to visit the Defence of Darwin Experience and the Darwin Military Museum. First is the Defence of Darwin Experience which is an interactive exhibition/museum.  LadyBug(5) had the camera for a bit and she always takes pictures of the poppies.  This display was in the foyer and provided faces for some of the names inside the … Read More

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