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Lake Thetis and Cervantes

On the way back from the Pinnacles we stopped into Lake Thetis to have a look at the stromatolites.  We saw a few roadsigns, which I keep taking pictures of. The town of Cervantes was named for a Spanish ship that wrecked off the coast once upon a time.  I loved the sign on the way into town, it’s spaced very well so that you see a picture of the ship from a distance, then the signs separate as you … Read More

Blogging Frustratations!

My blogs have always been Blogger blogs and because their user interface is not the best, I’ve always used Windows Live Writer for creating blog posts.  Unfortunately WLW no longer works with Blogger blogs and there are no plans for updates.  I’d already planned to move my blogs over to WordPress, I’ve purchased the hosting and will be working on it after the new year.  In the mean time I’ve downloaded Open Live Writer, which is wonderful, but there are … Read More

Fogg Dam & Another Darwin Sunset

While in Darwin we chose to go on a jumping croc cruise.  We loved it.  I’ll post about it later after I’ve had a chance to go through the video we took that day.  On the way home from that fabulous jumping croc cruise we drove through the Fogg Dam Conservation Reserve for a quick look.  After our hot morning we weren’t in the mood for any walks but you can see plenty from the road.  Apparently even turtles, though … Read More

Road Tripping: Alice Springs

Between Yulara and Alice Springs we stopped in Erldunda to refuel.  There’s supposed to be a Big Thing there, a Big Echidna.  When I asked about it at the petrol station they had no clue what I was talking about at first.  Finally they realised what I was asking about and they told me it had been ruined by mice and the like.  It used to be where their emu farm is now.  We were happy to see the emus.  … Read More

Flynn’s Grave

Our last stop during our visit to the MacDonnell Ranges was a quick one.  Close to Alice Springs is John Flynn’s grave.  He’s the man who started the Royal Flying Doctor’s Service.  We’d just visited the RFDS tourist facility, so the name was fresh in our minds.  When John Flynn was 70 he climbed Mt Gillen (see it in the background?) and declared he wanted to be buried here.  This spot is about 15km west of Alice Springs.  (Look at … Read More

Simpson’s Gap

After our walk at Standley Chasm we made our way to Simpson’s Gap.  The MacDonnell Ranges are a nice backdrop as you drive along.  So many lovely gorges hiding in there! Every so often we see these roadsigns that have been added to in a lovely fashion.  :)  They nearly look like they were designed this way! During the dry season you can walk down the riverbed.  It’s full of sand, on a warm day that sand is very hot … Read More

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