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The Lobster Shack in Cervantes

Our last stop before Perth was Cervantes.  We had a few nights there before heading to Perth for the holidays.  Cervantes is a small town right on the coast, a couple of hours north of Perth.  There was a lovely playground just outside the caravan park.  Once school was out for the year quite a few families started showing up which was an odd feeling for us.  Most of the families we’ve seen in WA have been travelling down the … Read More

Sea Urchins at Knobby Head

Geraldton was the first sizeable city we’d seen since Darwin.  While we were there we managed to get to a few things on our list, including a haircut for LadyBug and TurboBug.  Isn’t LadyBug’s hair the cutest?  She’d been asking to have it cut off for awhile but we wanted her to be sure since for more than a year she’s been saying she wanted to grow it as long as Rapunzel.  When it was TurboBug’s turn the hairdresser commented … Read More

Streeter’s Jetty, Broome

One very hot day in Broome we made a quick visit to Streeter’s Jetty.  It’s not in use any more but it’s an important part of the history of Broome’s pearling industry. You really had to watch your step going out there, especially with kids around.  It wouldn’t have been that far to fall but it would have been a really muddy landing! The jetty used to go much further out, I think it was the longest.  See all the … Read More

The Turtle Hospital at the Reef HQ Aquarium

In recent headlines a new study has revealed that over half of all sea turtles have ingested plastic.  Before we went to the turtle hospital they gave a talk about sea turtles.  They said that the turtles (and other marine life) have been able to eat anything they find in the oceans for thousands of centuries.  The sea turtles, of course, don’t realise anything has changed and so when they see some brightly coloured object floating in the water they … Read More

The Townsville Aquarium, part 2

Part one is here.  Upstairs at the aquarium there is a hands-on area.   There’s also a playground.  We had a browse around while we waited for the talk to start.  Surprisingly, I don’t actually have pictures of the kids touching the various sea creatures we were allowed to interact with.  I was too busy enjoying the experience and monitoring a two-year-old.  Sometimes you just have to step back from the camera.  We watched the man climb into the tank and … Read More

The Townsville Aquarium

We’ve skipped visiting aquariums until Townsville since we’d heard that this was a good one.  The Reef HQ Great Barrier Reef Aquarium is the world’s largest living coral reef aquarium.  There’s a lot to see with talks scheduled throughout the day.  We were able to attend several of the talks and learn about all these fascinating sea creatures.  Of course, when you see an old diving helmet begging to be worn you must try it on… So much to see … Read More

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