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On the Road Again!

After three weeks at home for the holidays, we were more than ready to get back on the road!  The kids are seasoned travellers now.  The little guy (rubbing his eyes in the picture below) didn’t even make it out of the yard before he was asleep in the car.  The others had their backpacks and pillows all ready to go. First stop: Shepparton, Victoria!  More posts coming soon!

We’re off!!!

On the day we left it rained like crazy.  We had a toddler still in his pj’s because he’d been sick with a fever the night before.  Our car went in for some last-minute maintenance. (Air-conditioning, might need it this summer!)  I don’t think we left until 5pm, but we made it!  We are finally on the road!  That first night we travelled less than an hour to Dargile Camping Area, a free camp near Heathcote.  We just wanted to … Read More

Moving. Again.

For the kids, moving out of our house is a mostly an adventure.  Packing up our stuff, playing in the truck, seeing the rooms empty. There’s a lot of talk amongst the kids about when we live in a house again.  Can we move back into this house?  [Heavens, no!] Can we each have our own bedroom? [Um, a five bedroom house?  Probably not.]  Will we be able to paint the walls?  [I sure hope so, but anything will be … Read More

Best drawings ever!

A few weeks before we moved out of our house, Jitterbug (7) created these pictures.  I just love them.  The airplane below represents the first part of our journey, our trip to America.  All of us are in the plane, plus a pilot.  See that red one with the smile on his face?  That’s Jitterbug.  🙂   This drawing is the next part of our journey.  Our car towing a caravan.  Our car is a gold-ish colour, and our caravan … Read More