Moving. Again.

For the kids, moving out of our house is a mostly an adventure.  Packing up our stuff, playing in the truck, seeing the rooms empty. Moving.  Again. ~ How Many More Minutes? There’s a lot of talk amongst the kids about when we live in a house again.  Can we move back into this house?  [Heavens, no!] Can we each have our own bedroom? [Um, a five bedroom house?  Probably not.]  Will we be able to paint the walls?  [I sure hope so, but anything will be better than the wallpaper in this house!] We’ve been in a rental house, which made the process of leaving a little easier since we didn’t have to decide whether to sell or rent our property while we are gone.  But the process of moving into our caravan has still been hard.  A lot of sorting, packing, moving, and saying good-bye.  By the end we were exhausted and emotionally spent.  And yet the kids seem mostly unaffected.  As long as we’re together, as long as they are fed and have a place to sleep, they’re good. All good.

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