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Birds and a Train in Pemberton

Our stay in Pemberton included visits from some lovely parrots looking for a handout.  These are Twenty-Eight Parrots, so named for their call that sounds like they are saying ‘twenty-eight’.  I think they are also known as Ringnecks.  The kids had a wonderful time feeding them when they showed up one afternoon. TurboBug (2.5) surprised me by remaining calm and even smiling for the camera.  Past experiences with birds landing on him have not gone so well!  The next morning … Read More

The Opera House & Surviving Public Transportation in Sydney!

The day we went to the Pylon Lookout we first walked over by the opera house.  You can’t go there and not go see the opera house.   You get a great view of the bridge on the way there. This is looking back into Circular Quay.  You can see all the tables for the nearby cafes.  And all the seagulls waiting for people to leave their tables. Really, the opera house is hard to photograph up close.  It looks prettier … Read More

The Powerhouse Museum in Sydney

With our Melbourne Museum membership there are several museums around the country that we can get into for free.  I think there were three in Sydney, but we only went to the Powerhouse Museum.  We came straight to Sydney from Canberra and we were all museum-ed out.  :)  We weren’t quite sure what to expect a this museum, they have everything from a hands-on science section to a history of underwear display to a Wiggles exhibit.  Quite the variety.  To … Read More

SYdney: Climbing the Bridge

Okay, we didn’t really get to do the bridge climb.  For the official climb you have to be at least 10 years old, which is only half of us.  Plus, it’s pricey.  I hope all the kids will do it one day, and Sean and I would love to also, so hopefully we’ll all get the chance on some future trip. Instead we climbed to the Pylon Lookout, which was the perfect way for us to experience the Sydney Harbour … Read More

Hobart, Tasmania: Mt Wellington

Another road sign to add to my collection!  This wombat sign was somewhere between Dunalley on the Tasman Peninsula and Hobart. Our drive into Hobart included not just one bridge… Not just two bridges… But three, yes, three bridges!  Okay, the first two were causeways.  The last one is the Tasman Bridge. Here’s a glimpse of Hobart as we were crossing the Tasman Bridge over the Derwent River.  Hobart is so picturesque.  Tasmania only has about 500,000 people and half … Read More