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Marlston Tower & the Bunbury Lighthouse

My WA posts have gotten all out of order.  I’ve discovered that it’s better for me at the moment to just post what I’ve got ready rather than try to keep everything in the order that we’ve seen it.  Otherwise I tend to get stuck on a post and don’t move forward.  So the rest of these WA post are just going to be jumping around a bit.  The only problem is I’m getting confused about what I’ve posted and … Read More

Cape Bruny Lighthouse, Tasmania

  Last year when we visited Bruny Island we made sure to visit South Bruny National Park to see the Cape Bruny Lighthouse.  When we visited it was cold and windy.  There was a lighthouse museum so I opted to stay there out of the cold while Dad braved the path for a better look. When the lighthouse was first lit in 1838 it was Australia’s fourth lighthouse.  It’s now the country’s second oldest lighthouse according to the Parks & … Read More

Point Moore Lighthouse, Geraldton

Geraldton has one of those iconic lighthouses.  Those red and white stripes can’t be missed.  It’s only about 5km from the centre of Geraldton and has a busy beach across the road. The light house was built in Britain and shipped to Point Moore.  The sign gives detail of its history, when they went to erect the lighthouse they realised the foundation had been laid in the wrong place and had to start all over.  The lighthouse had 60+ keepers … Read More

Gantheaume Point, Broome

One of the places on our list to visit in Broome was Gantheaume Point because there are dinosaur footprints in the rocks near the shore.  How exciting!  You can only see them at very low tides so we tried to time our visit with one of the lower tides during the week.  I had no idea what awaited us other than I knew there were some fake dinosaur footprint casts so that there would be something to see even if … Read More

Grassy Hill & The Cooktown Lighthouse

After Mulambin we drove several days in a row to get all the way up to Cooktown.  It was tiring, driving for several hours and staying for just one night at our stops along the way.  Cooktown is as far north as the sealed road goes, so this is as far north as we will be going on this trip.  The plan is to make our way back down the coast as far as Mackay, then we’ll head inland all … Read More

Byron Bay – Most Easterly Point in Australia!

While we were staying in Hastings Point we drove down to Byron Bay to visit the most eastern point on the Australian mainland.  It’s at the Cape Byron lighthouse, which is a state conservation area and a really popular spot, especially on the weekend!  We drove up to the top only to find it too crowded to park.  We were lucky to find a spot not too far down the drive so we were able to easily walk up to … Read More

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