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We’ve been to Warrnambool several times and stayed in this same caravan park.  We decided to spend nearly a week here, in a familiar place, to just relax, hit the beach, and adjust to life on the road.  This lifestyle is a big adjustment and we needed time to settle in a bit. As soon as we got there the kids were begging to go to the beach.  Little did they know it would be so windy and cold!  We were lucky that only the first few days were like that, we did have some lovely beach weather while we were there. Warrnambool ~ How Many More Minutes?Warrnambool ~ How Many More Minutes? This little guy fell asleep in his highchair after one of those days!  He loved the beach.  He came back soaking wet and covered in sand every time. Warrnambool ~ How Many More Minutes? We put up the annex for the first time during our trip.  It becomes quite crowded with six camping chairs in there!  See the patio lights? That’s why I chose this blog design, the design at the top reminds me of our lovely lights.  🙂 Warrnambool ~ How Many More Minutes? We got to see the most beautiful sunset on the beach. Warrnambool ~ How Many More Minutes? DSC_0123 The first day we found these blue jellyfish on the beach.  There were heaps of them strung all along the beach where the tide had come in. Warrnambool ~ How Many More Minutes? We had the chance to try out our new washing machine.  There isn’t one in the van, so we decided to purchase a twin tub.  It fits in our shower while we travel.  This is eventually going to pay for itself since we won’t be paying to use the laundry at each caravan park we visit.  Warrnambool ~ How Many More Minutes? It works great.  It’s toddler-height, which means our ever-helpful toddler was very involved.  Look at him on his tiptoes.  So cute! Warrnambool ~ How Many More Minutes? There’s a fabulous playground in Warrnambool, the Lake Pertobe Adventure Playground.  We made sure to visit a couple of times.  The zip line is always a big hit.  🙂

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