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The Hugely Terrifying Diamond Tree Lookout

January 2016: Somewhere along the way in our travels Dada saw pictures of these cool climbing trees near Pemberton.  The trees are karri trees, which we read are the third tallest trees on the planet. We didn’t know too much about the climbing but it looked like it would be fun and something we haven’t come across before.  Fun.  Right.  Do you see how tall this tree is?  Do you see my tiny children at the bottom of it? We … Read More

Birds and a Train in Pemberton

Our stay in Pemberton included visits from some lovely parrots looking for a handout.  These are Twenty-Eight Parrots, so named for their call that sounds like they are saying ‘twenty-eight’.  I think they are also known as Ringnecks.  The kids had a wonderful time feeding them when they showed up one afternoon. TurboBug (2.5) surprised me by remaining calm and even smiling for the camera.  Past experiences with birds landing on him have not gone so well!  The next morning … Read More

Marlston Tower & the Bunbury Lighthouse

My WA posts have gotten all out of order.  I’ve discovered that it’s better for me at the moment to just post what I’ve got ready rather than try to keep everything in the order that we’ve seen it.  Otherwise I tend to get stuck on a post and don’t move forward.  So the rest of these WA post are just going to be jumping around a bit.  The only problem is I’m getting confused about what I’ve posted and … Read More

The Yeagarup Sand Dunes

Not too far from Pemberton are some sand dunes that are just begging to be climbed.  We picked a lovely afternoon for visit.  We’ve been loving the weather since we left Perth, it’s felt like autumn while we are still in summer.  We expected to be in the heat a lot longer than this so it’s been a welcome change. First we had a quick look at the lake and pondered this jetty. There was a nearby sign warning against … Read More

Some Big Things and a Toffee Factory: Denmark, WA

On our way to Denmark, WA we passed this huge blue marron at the side of the road.  A Big Thing that we needed to see!  During our stay in Denmark we made a trip to Walpole and made sure to stop on the way back for a closer inspection.  It’s such a beautiful blue, as is the real thing!  The Big Marron is located outside of Old Kent River Wines and although we didn’t stop in I’ve read lovely … Read More

The Perth Zoo, part two

Part one is here.  I have no idea what this little guy was but he was the cutest thing.  We nicknamed him the Lorax, we can’t be the only ones to come up with that name. Then we found the lemurs and we spent forever watching them.  There was a young one who was very playful and he kept picking on his older sibling (it looked to small to be dad) while mum looked on.  They played and wrestled and … Read More

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