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G'day!  We're a family of six from Victoria on a journey around Australia.  Our four kids are SkeeterBug (11), JitterBug (8), LadyBug (6), and TurboBug (2).  We've been traveling since November 2014.  We're in a Bailey Pegasus Ancona.  It's a 6-berth caravan with triple bunks and a full ensuite.  You can see some pictures of the inside here.  It's been our home for more than a year now.  The time has flown.  


Our Caravan | How Many More Minutes?

We're from Victoria.  We've traveled around Victoria, down to Tassie, then up the east coast, across the top (with a quick trip down the middle), and now we are headed down the west coast.  Check out Where We've Been for a map of our route.

We're homeschooling (or roadschooling) our kids while we travel.  We already homeschooled our kids, so that made this decision to travel a little easier since we didn't have to pull the kids out of school.  Dad has been doing an online course while we travel, so he's been doing some schoolwork too.

You might be wondering where the name for this blog comes from.  It came from our kids.  Instead of 'Are we there yet?' or 'How much longer?' the question we get from our kids is 'How many more minutes?'.  We've heard this question countless times over the past year!

This blog is a record of our journey, a place for us to keep track of all the incredible places we've seen on this trip.

Thanks for visiting!




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