Lake Colac

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After we had our van fixed in Melbourne we drove to a free camp at Lake Colac.  It was a nice camp right on the edge of the lake. Lake Colac, Victoria ~ The first of many beautiful sunsets we’ll see on the road! Lake Colac, Victoria ~ The lake edge was full of tall grasses and I was warned there had been a snake sighting.  So to get to the water the kids rode their scooters down to the boat ramp and played there. Lake Colac, Victoria ~ Lake Colac, Victoria ~ We found this nest that had fallen sideways.  I’m just so amazed at bird nests, they are so intricate and require so much work to complete.  I can’t believe the way the birds can bend the twigs and weave them together.Lake Colac, Victoria ~ howmanymoreminutes.blogspot.comLake Colac, Victoria ~ The large pine cones were beautiful too. Lake Colac, Victoria ~ We went for a walk and found some trees to climb. Lake Colac, Victoria ~ Lake Colac, Victoria ~ Adults included.  Well, one adult anyway.  Can you see him up there? Lake Colac, Victoria ~ Not quite as high, to Mama’s relief.  🙂 Lake Colac, Victoria ~ After having our water pump fixed it felt like such a luxury to have water in the van.  We spent time settling in and just enjoying being on the road and getting used to living in the caravan.

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