Blogging Frustratations!

posted in: Western Australia

My blogs have always been Blogger blogs and because their user interface is not the best, I’ve always used Windows Live Writer for creating blog posts.  Unfortunately WLW no longer works with Blogger blogs and there are no plans for updates.  I’d already planned to move my blogs over to WordPress, I’ve purchased the hosting and will be working on it after the new year.  In the mean time I’ve downloaded Open Live Writer, which is wonderful, but there are a few things different which makes my blogging process harder.  That also means it takes longer, and it was already taking a lot of time.  So I’m going to skip forward again and come back to the things I’ve missed at some point in the future.  We are in Perth for the holidays.  We saw so many beautiful things in northern WA and it’s been such a lovely journey.

This is a roadsign we saw in Geraldton.  I don’t remember seeing an echidna crossing sign before, so I was happy.  🙂

Echidna Roadsign | How Many More Minutes?
Anyway, I just wanted to say I haven’t stopped blogging, I am determined to keep this going as a journal of our trip.  More to come!

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