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The Lobster Shack in Cervantes

Our last stop before Perth was Cervantes.  We had a few nights there before heading to Perth for the holidays.  Cervantes is a small town right on the coast, a couple of hours north of Perth.  There was a lovely playground just outside the caravan park.  Once school was out for the year quite a few families started showing up which was an odd feeling for us.  Most of the families we’ve seen in WA have been travelling down the … Read More

Sea Urchins at Knobby Head

Geraldton was the first sizeable city we’d seen since Darwin.  While we were there we managed to get to a few things on our list, including a haircut for LadyBug and TurboBug.  Isn’t LadyBug’s hair the cutest?  She’d been asking to have it cut off for awhile but we wanted her to be sure since for more than a year she’s been saying she wanted to grow it as long as Rapunzel.  When it was TurboBug’s turn the hairdresser commented … Read More

Fannie Bay Gaol in Darwin

I found this old post from Darwin that I guess I hadn’t finished… I can’t remember how we heard about the Fannie Bay Gaol while we were in Darwin, but we decided it would be good to go have a look.  Entry is by donation so it’s an affordable family attraction.  We thought it would be good for the kids to go inside the prison cells and learn a little about prison life.  This is probably one of those places … Read More

Halloween in the Caravan

Last year we were in America for Halloween.  The kids were beside themselves.  We went to some community event first, then to a friend’s neighbourhood for more trick or treating, complete with a visit from a headless horseman.  Since trick-or-treating isn’t really a thing here in Australia, I’d told the kids we’d dress up and do our own thing.  Then we found out that several of the other families staying in the caravan park were planning to trick-or-treat.  So then … Read More

Blogging Frustratations!

My blogs have always been Blogger blogs and because their user interface is not the best, I’ve always used Windows Live Writer for creating blog posts.  Unfortunately WLW no longer works with Blogger blogs and there are no plans for updates.  I’d already planned to move my blogs over to WordPress, I’ve purchased the hosting and will be working on it after the new year.  In the mean time I’ve downloaded Open Live Writer, which is wonderful, but there are … Read More

Staircase to the Moon

Or maybe this post should be called ‘Our Attempts to See the Staircase to the Moon in Broome’.  There are actually several places along the west coast where you can see the staircase to the moon, but the best known is Broome.  There would only be three nights while we were in Broome that we would have a chance to see it.  The first night we grabbed some fish ‘n chips and headed to a hotel that has a prime … Read More

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