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Sunset at Cable Beach

Cable Beach is one of those famous beaches in Australia.  White sand for ages, warm water…it’s too perfect. We hadn’t been to the beach in ages.  We’d had a nice sunset in Darwin, but no beach play because, well, it was Darwin.  Croc country.  So we hadn’t had a proper beach day since…somewhere on the east coast.  Months. (Do you feel sorry for us yet?) Our first visit to Cable Beach had little TurboBug (2) sooooo excited.  There are steps … Read More

The Japanese Cemetery in Broome

We drove by the Japanese Cemetery a couple of times before we had the chance to stop in for a look.  It would be easy to think it’s all related to WWII but that’s not the case, it all has to do with Broome’s pearling history.  Many divers lost their lives here in Broome. Many were killed due to cyclones as well.  In total there are 919 people buried here.  The cemetery was so well arranged in perfect rows.  So … Read More

Streeter’s Jetty, Broome

One very hot day in Broome we made a quick visit to Streeter’s Jetty.  It’s not in use any more but it’s an important part of the history of Broome’s pearling industry. You really had to watch your step going out there, especially with kids around.  It wouldn’t have been that far to fall but it would have been a really muddy landing! The jetty used to go much further out, I think it was the longest.  See all the … Read More

Gantheaume Point, Broome

One of the places on our list to visit in Broome was Gantheaume Point because there are dinosaur footprints in the rocks near the shore.  How exciting!  You can only see them at very low tides so we tried to time our visit with one of the lower tides during the week.  I had no idea what awaited us other than I knew there were some fake dinosaur footprint casts so that there would be something to see even if … Read More

More Birthdays in the Caravan!

So we’ve had one set of birthdays in the caravan, it’s time for the other set!  We’ve been in the caravan long enough now that each of us has celebrated a birthday while we’ve been living in it.  LadyBug turned six while we were in Kununurra!  That lovely purple camping chair was one of her presents.  She had long outgrown the little kiddie-sized one she’d had until now.  Her hair was wet because she’d gone for a swim while I … Read More

A Few Stops Around Kununurra

Have I mentioned the boab trees lately?  They are everywhere across northern WA.  Some of them are huge!  The caravan park we stayed at in Kununurra had a large one that was estimated to be 2,000 years old!  It’s so interesting to see them as we are driving along, the young ones are much harder to pick out because they are so skinny.  They all seem to be in different stages of bloom, some have leaves, some have huge seeds … Read More

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