The Big Banana

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Coffs Harbour is famous for bananas.  Especially the Big Banana, which was one of the first Big Things in Australia.  Big Things are…um…a thing here.   This one is located right next to the motorway, you can’t miss it if you drive through Coffs Harbour.  We didn’t know until we go there that you can actually walk through the Big Banana.  Inside is various information about bananas and a video where you can watch some (green) bananas being picked and packed.  The Big Banana | How Many More Minutes? The Big Banana is a big tourist trap entertainment complex.    You can do mini golf, laser tag, tobogganing, ice skating, and there’s a water park they are expanding.  You can also tour their plantation.  As with many tourist traps entertainment complexes, things are pricey so we opted for laser tag only.  We wanted to do the tobogganing (which is a huge slide down the side of the mountain) but it was closed due to the rain.  The kids did enjoy the laser tag, even LadyBug, who is only five, likes it and isn’t the least bit scared. The Big Banana | How Many More Minutes? The monkey’s name is Max.  JitterBug has a monkey named Max, so we had to get pictures.  The Big Banana | How Many More Minutes? The Big Banana | How Many More Minutes? Then we found another Max inside, behind the big banana.  He was the subject of many photos while we were there, family after family huddled around that monkey for pictures. The Big Banana | How Many More Minutes?The Big Banana | How Many More Minutes? The kids all had bananas with chocolate and sprinkles on them from the cafe.  There’s also a shop selling more banana things than you could imagine.  And that’s the Big Banana, done.  I’m sure there will be more Big Things in our future. 😉

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