A Blog Break

Recently I’ve taken a blogging break but I think I’m ready to keep going now.  I’ve got several posts written but haven’t gotten them published.  It seems that no matter how hard I work on this blog I am always at least a month behind. Creating a blog post means choosing pictures, editing pictures, writing text, and formatting everything.  It’s time-consuming and becomes overwhelming when I feel like I’ll never catch up.  But this is the journal of our trip and so it is important to us (to me!) to get it done.  The kids have paper journals but they are very reluctant to work on them most of the time.  Is a half-hearted attempt at a journal still worth it?  I’m not sure but I make them do a page every once in a while anyway.  Maybe I’ll look at getting this blog turned into a book for each of them one day.  Another reason to keep it going!  Eventually I hope to go back and blog about parts I’ve skipped, even if I have to do it after we stop travelling.  So when will we stop travelling?  Currently we are in Exmouth, Western Australia.  We are enjoying the cool ocean breeze and the lower humidity.  We’ll be heading south down the coast from here.  Around the bend, then east through South Australia and back to Victoria.  But we plan to be home only for a few weeks before heading off again.  We’ll head to the east coast for the second time, as far north as Brisbane at least, then south along the east coast all the way back to Victoria.  That puts us home sometime after Easter.  Then we may be done.  We’ll see.  🙂

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