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Vivid Sydney!

We happened to be in Sydney when the Vivid festival started this year.  We hadn’t planned it, but I am so glad we were there for it!  Vivid is unique to Sydney and it’s just spectacular. There are several aspects to Vivid.  We came into the city one evening to view the light installations.  Since it’s winter it gets dark before six, so we came into the city early.  Even with that, it was a very late night for us.  … Read More

Sydney Olympic Park

Sydney Olympic Park is rather large! We’d read that there are something like 35 km of bike trails there, so we decided to load up the bikes and have a look.  It would have taken over an hour on to get there by train but less than thirty minutes driving, and there is plenty of parking there, so we decided to make the drive.  When we travel we have four bikes on top of the car and one, Ladybug’s, in … Read More

The Powerhouse Museum in Sydney

With our Melbourne Museum membership there are several museums around the country that we can get into for free.  I think there were three in Sydney, but we only went to the Powerhouse Museum.  We came straight to Sydney from Canberra and we were all museum-ed out.  :)  We weren’t quite sure what to expect a this museum, they have everything from a hands-on science section to a history of underwear display to a Wiggles exhibit.  Quite the variety.  To … Read More

Cockatoo Island

We needed an excuse to ride the ferry.  Okay, not really, but having a destination is a good idea rather than randomly riding the ferries around with kids.  So Cockatoo Island it was!  Being on the water gives you such a good view of the bridge and the opera house. There’s a sticker or something on JitterBug’s forehead.  It isn’t your computer screen! Hey, look, we were inside that pylon!  We walked across that bridge!  If you zoom out on … Read More

SYdney: Climbing the Bridge

Okay, we didn’t really get to do the bridge climb.  For the official climb you have to be at least 10 years old, which is only half of us.  Plus, it’s pricey.  I hope all the kids will do it one day, and Sean and I would love to also, so hopefully we’ll all get the chance on some future trip. Instead we climbed to the Pylon Lookout, which was the perfect way for us to experience the Sydney Harbour … Read More

Up & Running

A few weeks ago there was a glitch with the software I use to create blog posts.  They finally fixed it, so I can blog again!  I had some posts from Tasmania waiting to publish so I’ve done that, but I think to have any hope of keeping this blog at all current I’m going to have to skip ahead.  Hopefully I can go back and blog about some of these places later. At the moment we are in New … Read More

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