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Nine Mile Beach near Swansea, Tasmania

We’d heard that the Nine Mile Beach near Swansea was a lovely beach so we stopped in for a look.  We drove to the end of the road where we were surprised to find some caravans.  There’s a sign that says camping is not encouraged, but I guess it isn’t prohibited.  The vans were all hitched to their tow vehicles, maybe so they could leave easily if told to move along. What a spot!  It was a nice warm day … Read More

Cape Tourville Lighthouse at Freycinet

Since we were in the area for the Wineglass Bay walk, we decided to do another short walk to see the Cape Tourville lighthouse.  The kids each chose a ‘baby’ to bring along.  I guess I had one too! This was the view from the lookout before you reached the lighthouse.  Quite pretty.  The rock on the left is called Lemon Rock.  The mountain just to the right of the middle of the picture is Mt Freycinet.  If you follow … Read More

Wineglass Bay at Freycinet National Park

Camping at Freycinet National Park is so popular that at certain times of the year there is a ballot system to secure a campsite.  There was a couple camped next to us our first night at Friendly Beaches that had tried to camp in the park but it was full.  They stayed one night next to us and the next night they were able to get into the other campground.  We ran into them on one of the walks we … Read More

Coles Bay & Freycinet National Park

Our campground at Friendly Beaches is part of Freycinet National Park.  The visitor centre for the park is in Coles Bay.  We wanted to do one of the hikes so we went into Coles Bay to get some more info.  What a pretty view!  It was overcast and the peaks were covered in clouds. I was so thrilled to see this albatross Pacific Gull, but since then I’ve seen many.  He’s gorgeous against these rocks. I spooked him a little … Read More

Camping at Friendly Beaches

After Bicheno we travelled down the east coast of Tasmania to Freycinet National Park.  We made it down the dirt road with our caravan and we were greeted with this lovely view of the ocean.  There aren’t a lot of spaces in this campground that would suit a large van, we were lucky to get there when we did.  Camping here was free with a national parks pass and a ranger came around at one point to check that we … Read More

Douglas-Apsley National Park, Tasmania

When you are doing a trip like this with kids you have to pick and choose what walks you do.  If it was just the two of us we’d do more, I’m sure.  But with the kids we have to choose carefully.  Balance a long walk with a couple of short ones.  Hard, steep walks with easy ones.  This was a short, easy walk with a waterhole at the end. JitterBug spied this log and started bouncing on it, marvelling … Read More

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