Lake Thetis and Cervantes

On the way back from the Pinnacles we stopped into Lake Thetis to have a look at the stromatolites.  We saw a few roadsigns, which I keep taking pictures of. The town of Cervantes was named for a Spanish ship that wrecked off the coast once upon a time.  I loved the sign on the way into town, it’s spaced very well so that you see a picture of the ship from a distance, then the signs separate as you … Read More

The Pinnacles: Nambug National Park

The Pinnacles were definitely on our list of places to visit in Western Australia.  They feature in the book Are We There Yet? but the illustration had the kids fooled.  From the drawing they had the idea that there were only a few rock formations, they were in for a pleasant surprise.  First we stopped into the Discovery Centre at Nambug National Park for a quick look.  Then we headed down the short path to see how much we could … Read More

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