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Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

I love how they get to put ‘royal’ in front of things here.  It makes it sound very official, like it’s received a special distinction.  I don’t know if the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens ever have received any kind of special award, but they sure deserve it.  They are magnificent!  The gardens were founded in 1818, which means they have some awesome mature trees.  This one is the biggest in the park, a Wellingtonia or Big Tree native to California.  … Read More

That Chocolate Factory

In Hobart there’s this chocolate factory.  You know the one.  Way back when we were considering whether we’d be able to do Tasmania during our ‘one-year trip’ (as the kids call it) I was looking at things to do and found out there was a chocolate factory here.  So it’s been on our list for awhile.  We were all ready to go on a Saturday morning and then discovered the visitor centre isn’t open on the weekends.  (Fortunately we figured … Read More

Tahune AirWalk, part two

Here’s part one. By the time we made it near the treetop walk we were getting tired, and the kids were starting to complain again.  Fortunately we ran into some people who pointed us in a different direction than the map was telling us to go.  We went in the back way to the airwalk, but it was closer and saved us a few steps. It’s very hard to portray how high up we were.  The walkways were covered in … Read More

Tahune AirWalk

Here’s a map of the southeast part of Tasmania.  See Hobart at the top?  Under that is Kingston.  We were camping in Snug which is just south of Kingston.  At the bottom of the map you’ll see Cockle Creek, where we’d been the day before.  The day we went to the Tahune AirWalk we stopped in Geeveston for tickets and  a trip through their Forest & Heritage Centre.  Then we went on to Tahune, you can see it on the … Read More

We’re in Sydney!

After our time in Canberra we chose to come straight to Sydney and spend a week or so here.  The first few days we had great weather so we made the most of it and headed in to the city to see the sights!  The two of us were last here eleven years ago.  Somewhere we have a picture of us from back then in front of the bridge.  I’ll have to look for it. We walked across the bridge … Read More

Forest & Heritage Centre at Geeveston, Tasmania

After our long trip down to Cockle Creek we decided to make another long road trip to the Tahune AirWalk.  We stopped in Geeveston to purchase our tickets, I’d heard that the Forest & Heritage Centre was not to be missed. This wooden statue greeted us just outside the door.  I wish I could remember the story, but the statue is of a much-loved resident in the town who had passed away years before.  Carved wooden statues make sense for … Read More

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