Swimming at Edith Falls

After visiting the war cemetery and saying a quick hello to Charlie the Water Buffalo we hopped in the car and headed toward Katherine.  We had spent several nights in Katherine on our way north and were happy to head back to the same caravan park.  On the way we made a quick stop at Edith Falls for a swim.  It’s part of Nitmiluk National Park, the same national park that Katherine Gorge is in. We donned our new snorkels … Read More

Adelaide River War Cemetery

Somewhere I read that the war cemetery in Adelaide River is Australia’s only war cemetery.  I’m not sure if that’s accurate, it’s certainly not the only place that military are buried but maybe it’s the only one dedicated solely to the military?  Whether it is the only one or not, we knew this was one to visit.  The town’s population swelled after the initial bombing in Darwin during WWII as people fled the coast and many of the injured were … Read More

Florence Falls & Magnetic Termite Mounds at Litchfield

After our swim at Buley Rockhole we had two more places to visit in Litchfield National Park.  First we stopped to see Florence Falls, which we’d heard were gorgeous.  On the way we saw these green ants building their nest.  We’ve seen plenty of these nests in our travels and we’d recently seen a photo of the ants building the nest at the visitor centre at Kakadu.  We were happy to them in person, they were at the right level … Read More

Buley Rockhole at Litchfield National Park

I’ve got to skip the rest of my Darwin posts for now, hopefully I’ll get to post them at some point. After a couple of wonderful weeks in Darwin we made our way south to spend the night in Adelaide River.  We wanted to visit nearby Litchfield National Park and this was a good base for doing so.  We spent the night at their showgrounds, which honestly look like they haven’t seen a show in some time.  There was a … Read More

Defence of Darwin Experience

Okay, this roadsign says wallabies but I think they got the silhouette all wrong. :)  This was in Darwin, on the way to East Point to visit the Defence of Darwin Experience and the Darwin Military Museum. First is the Defence of Darwin Experience which is an interactive exhibition/museum.  LadyBug(5) had the camera for a bit and she always takes pictures of the poppies.  This display was in the foyer and provided faces for some of the names inside the … Read More

Fogg Dam & Another Darwin Sunset

While in Darwin we chose to go on a jumping croc cruise.  We loved it.  I’ll post about it later after I’ve had a chance to go through the video we took that day.  On the way home from that fabulous jumping croc cruise we drove through the Fogg Dam Conservation Reserve for a quick look.  After our hot morning we weren’t in the mood for any walks but you can see plenty from the road.  Apparently even turtles, though … Read More

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